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Value-Added Tools & Services

Bankers Insurance partners with our clients in business.  We provide many no-cost tools and services to help them succeed, better manage human resources, administer group benefits, and reduce insurance costs. We offer all these as benefits of being our client. Selections vary depending upon your insurance package.

Business Management Services

Claims Advocacy

Staffed with dedicated claims advocates, we support our clients through significant claim challenges, including fighting for coverage after denials are improperly issued.

Contract Review

We analyze contractual defense and indemnity provisions to determine our clients’ contractual exposure to risk. We check for compliance on additional insured provisions and insurance requirements, and evaluate other contractual provisions.

Property Valuation

We provide our clients with a comprehensive, on-site inspection and detailed reports summarizing the current condition of property
and current replacement cost values.

Employee Manuals

Don’t let the task of creating an employee manual weigh on you.  Bankers Insurance has the resources to provide employee manuals specific to most every industry.  Our clients then tailor them to their specific business needs, formalizing their plan.  We provide this service at no cost to our clients upon request.

Loss Control Services

We assist our clients by being proactive in preventing, reducing and/or managing their safety and risk management exposure.

Stewardship Report

We provide annual analysis of all lines of coverage over a five year period to identify pricing, claims, and coverage trends, then implement solutions to any problems uncovered.

Safety Manuals

Employee safety is of primary concern, protecting your business from claims and insurance price increases.  We can provide draft safety manuals for most industries, aiding in OSHA and other regulatory compliance.

Safety Tips and Brochures

A formalized safety program typically requires recurring safety training. We can provide safety brochures and tips on everything from forklifts to snow plows to ladders to car washes.

Workers Compensation Experience Modification Review

Bankers Insurance can review your workers compensation experience modification to ensure it has been properly calculated.  We can also advise how to minimize a claim’s impact on your experience mod.  Reference our post on reducing a claim’s impact on workers compensation.

Incident Investigation Guides

A responsible employer needs to react quickly to an accident with a prescribed investigation procedure for finding the root causes and implementing corrections. Incident investigation guides allow quick and planned actions, demonstrating your company’s commitment to the safety and health of your employees and a willingness to prevent future incidents.


  • Thermographic infrared surveys
  • Complete risk surveys and reviews
  • OSHA 30-hour training
  • OSHA visit preparation guides
  • Driver and fleet safety programs
  • Driver screening and training programs
  • Premises liability reviews
  • Safety assessment and benchmarking tools
  • Supervisor accountability programs
  • Best practices assessment / gap analysis
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Sprinkler system evaluation and analysis

Human Resources and Benefits Administration

Strong human resources processes are vital for a growing business. The challenges are many, and Bankers Insurance provides key tools and services to boost productivity, streamline hiring, automate employee management, and stay abreast of the continuously changing federal and state labor law landscape. Offering a robust benefits program sets your business up for hiring success and helps retain key employees. As your business partner, we are committed to supporting and protecting your company.

Strategic Planning for Benefits

We recommend our clients make employee benefits management a strategic initiative. By defining objectives and developing an action plan, we ensure an organized, comprehensive approach to fulfilling your benefits needs. Our strategic planning services include ongoing evaluations of all your plan’s characteristics, such as access, service, and price, all to ensure a proper balance. These efforts shield your plan from becoming obsolete as new trends and market factors emerge, and can aid with budgeting and long-term cost management.

Simplifying the Complex: Plan Presentation

Many companies dread their annual benefits renewal. It is time consuming, full of rules and regulations, and tough to balance your budget with the best interests of your employees. At Bankers Insurance, we do things differently. Our process gives you more control and helps you understand all your options, so you get the best plan to fit your company’s unique needs. Using
Dynamic Plan Designer software, we present interactive models and scenarios to show you the impact of plan design changes on
the spot. We make life easier.


  • Dynamic Plan Designer’s visual presentation makes it easy to understand all options, simplifying the conversation.
  • Plan models are displayed visually. We manipulate them in real time to explore creative solutions to suit your needs.


  • Benefits are more complex than ever; we help ensure you are in compliance with today’s regulations.
  • We explore all of the many funding and contribution options do determine your best fit.
  • Educated plan decisions are easier than ever.


  • Our real time modeling capabilities mean questions are answered on the spot and alternatives are explored in the same meeting.
  • No more lengthy spreadsheets and drawn out renewals.
  • Make smart decisions in 1-2 renewal meetings.
Dynamic Plan Designer preview


  • Experience an interactive presentation that can model alternative scenarios in real time.
  • Easily view current plan, renewal and proposed plans.
  • Access high-level overviews and detailed plan comparisons.
  • Visually quantify the impact on both your budget and employees.
Dynamis employee benefits insurance total picture


  • Start with your targeted budget, and explore options within that range.
  • Model the impact of different funding vehicles to see the impact on your budget and employees.
  • See a complete picture by including important aspects such as HSA and HRA contributions, deductible and coinsurance, and utilization projections.
  • Ensure compliance with ACA.
  • Manipulate options in real time to answer questions as they come up.
Dynamis employee benefits insurance save time and money


  • Explore every plan option in one meeting, so you can make an educated decision you are comfortable with.
  • Discover and model creative plan options to help you save money while still offering a competitive benefits package.

Plan, Organize, Simplify, Clarify…


We are your insurance agent and advocate in the complicated world of benefits. We ensure you are with the best service providers and carriers, at the best price.  We specialize in evaluating, negotiating with, and recommending insurers and providers to our clients, employing rigorous selection criteria and performance objectives.

Account Management

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Account Manager and provided their email and a phone number that rings right on their desk.  They are your benefits and HR “concierge”.

  • Plan enrollments, changes or terminations
  • Claims, billing or benefits questions
  • Forms, documents and educational materials fulfillment

Compliance Resources

Bankers Insurance can provide Legislative Briefs, educational articles affecting employee benefits insurance, your industry, and your business. These explain important regulations and help you stay in compliance. Our materials cover health care reform, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, Medicare Part D, ADA, state-specific legislation and more.

Cobra Administration

Compliance is an integral part of employee benefits administration. Federal compliance can be tricky and non-compliance can be quite expensive.  An employer deemed to be out of compliance with COBRA regulations can incur fines up to $200 per day per incident with an annual maximum penalty of up to $500,000 from the IRS.

Our partnership with Flexible Benefit Administrators provides the most comprehensive and robust COBRA administration solution in the industry, eliminating the hassle and risk, and allowing clients to focus resources on their core business competencies. Flexible Benefit Administrators saves time, prevents costly errors and reduces liability.

HR Hotline

Through our partnership with national HR consulting services, our clients have access to HR Experts whenever they have questions or concerns.


We provide our clients with all benefits notices required by law, and assist them with producing other required documents such as Wrap Plan Documents and SPD’s, Section 125, and 5500 reporting.

HR Management Tools

Check out the following tools we offer our clients, free of charge.

  • HR360 – An extensive library of HR and Benefits information, templates, and management resources.
  • Employee Navigator
  • Sesco

Health Care Cost Management

Health care costs continue to increase. If you have an HSA or HRA plan, we can support you from design to implementation to employee education. We offer materials to help employees become smart health care consumers and promote consumerism strategies that lower costs.

Retirement Plan Support

Retirement plans are complex to administer and can come with a host of legal obligations and regulations. Simplify with Bankers Insurance. We offer informational articles, plus tools to educate and promote your offerings to employees.  We also have valued partners that we work with to help evaluate your current options and provide additional solutions.

Employee Education and Communication

Many employees don’t take full advantage of their benefits because they don’t understand them. Educate employees about your benefits and how to best use their plan with a range of materials from Bankers Insurance. Plus, our communications can help employees understand how various laws impact them and their families, such as health care reform, COBRA and FMLA.

Employee Satisfaction Measurement

Employee satisfaction is paramount to retaining top employees. Bankers Insurance can help you measure employee satisfaction and engagement, plus develop strategies to improve. In addition, you’ll have access to fully customizable benefits statements to educate employees on the full value of their benefits and increase employee appreciation of their total compensation.

Workplace Wellness

We are committed to helping clients implement workplace wellness initiatives that reduce costs and increase employee productivity and satisfaction. We can build and customize a wellness campaign specific to your company and employee needs. Through our online services, we can provide payroll stuffers, posters, employee newsletters, and educational flyers on health and wellness, designed to help drive consumerism in your workplace.


The Attorney-Reviewed, Award-Winning HR Library

Your online source for must-have HR tools, forms, and guidance. Packed with educational videos, articles, surveys, checklists, letters, and forms, your business will stay abreast of important issues and compliant with federal and state laws. All content developed and updated by a team of attorneys. We can even provide a comprehensive employee handbook and help develop policies unique to your company.

Packed with Features

Federal HR and Benefits Compliance

Most current Health Care Reform guidelines and alerts. Easy-to-understand information for federal employment laws such as COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, and USERRA.

State HR And Benefits Information

State-by-state information including continuation of benefits, minimum wage, labor laws and posters, and much more.

Fast Answers to HR and Benefits Questions

FAQ sections deliver the answers you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Downloadable Forms, Policies and Checklists

Hundreds of forms, sample policies, checklists, and a sample employee handbook are available for downloading and customization.

How to Hire and Terminate Employees to Prevent Costly Lawsuits

Packed with information necessary during the hiring and termination process, this section is a must-read for every hiring manager in your company.

Online Human Resources Tools

Online Job Description Builder, Salary Benchmarking, and Total Compensation Statement. Plus, hundreds of forms, policies, and a sample employee handbook.

For more detail:

HR360 Services Summary Sheet
HR360 Overview Presentation


Online Business Management Library

MyWave screenshots

Manage insurance costs and stay informed on legislative developments. Bankers Insurance’s online tool acts as a springboard from which you can better gather and organize information and solve everyday problems. Our MyWave portal features 24/7 access to the Insurance & HR Community Forum, benchmark surveys, OSHA compliance, OSHA reporting and log tools, workers’ compensation claims reporting guidance, risk management tools, workplace wellness resources, and safety publications.



Insurance & HR Community Forum

Join the conversation! Need a question answered about a COBRA or FMLA issue you are currently faced with? Wondering about OSHA’s hazardous material labeling requirements, or the required rest period for employees in your state? With our Insurance & HR Community, your answer could be a click away! Share information and resources with the Community’s interactive forum that allows you to post questions to your peers, provides insight into other users’ questions, and enables you to track responses based on topics or individual questions.

Benchmark Surveys

Participate in benefit plan and/or P&C program surveys. They’ll allow you to determine how your plans and programs compare to other employers across the U.S.

Documents on Demand

When you need to resource information fast, our Documents on Command library provides instant access to a host of downloadable articles covering a variety of topics, exactly when you need them! Articles are conveniently grouped by general category. P&C categories include Cost Containment, Loss Control, Employee Communication, and Studies & Surveys. Benefits categories include Benchmark Surveys & Statistics, Compliance & Plan Designs, and Employee Communication & Education.

Links to Industry Resources

Useful links to industry-related Web sites are all available from the convenience of your MyWave client portal.

Employee Navigator

Automate enrollment and benefits administration through technology.

The Affordable Care Act is only one of many pieces of legislation with which your company must comply. The frequent changes to laws is intimidating and time consuming. To streamline your entire benadmin process, we’ve partnered with Employee Navigator.

Simplify ACA Compliance

Delightful Onboarding

Modernize Ben Admin

ACA Tracking

Employee Navigator contains an ACA tracking tool, specifically designed to help employers comply with the Affordable Care Act, as well data collection for 1094/1095 reporting.

  • Set-up stability and administrative periods to keep track of your employees’ hours
  • Easily track hours during measurement periods
  • Easily identify eligible employees

Online Enrollment

Employee Navigator offers paperless onboarding and efficient enrollment management. Our educational materials, tools, and communications streamline and simplify the process.

  • Import health plan enrollment information
  • Calculate affordability and monthly FTE
  • Streamline Employee Management: Know instantly when employees enroll, minimizing claim and billing issues.
  • Empower Employees: Provides an easy to navigate, self-service employee portal.
  • Improve Employee Communication: Seamlessly keep your employees in the loop, whether it is benefit related, compliance, or simple messaging.

Employee Navigator is an essential tool and resource for employers who are looking for a effective and efficient way to stay in compliance with the ACA, which is why we believe it is so important to offer it to our clients.


No matter what the company or industry, human resource issues arise. No company is equipped with all the manpower, knowledge, or tools to handle every situation they may face. Our partnership with SESCO Management Consultants is a cost effective and efficient way to help your management team with human resources and employee relations issues.

SESCO exclusively represents management and it does so by providing unlimited telephone, email and research consulting to your company, should you need answers on:

  • Training
  • Compensation
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Affirmative Action Programs
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Much More

In Closing

We are dedicated to our client’s individual benefit needs, supporting their HR department, and providing the personal level of service they deserve. Employee benefits can be a complex matter and an overwhelming, full-time job. A good benefits package is a great recruitment and retention tool and is vital to customer loyalty and satisfaction.  Thus, choosing the best benefits strategy includes addressing the needs of your employees in the most efficient and effective manner. Our industry experience and understanding of current challenges allows us to deliver better personal service and the right plan for your company.

Our relationship with you is the first step in creating a robust and effective benefit program. You will receive personal attention when questions arise. We promise all the time it takes to understand and build the right plan strategy for your company. We provide “No Excuse Client Service” along with the knowledge and resources of a local agent. We help ensure your company is ACA compliant, streamline enrollment and onboarding. and offer tools to your HR department to make your benefits program efficient.

Our mission is to protect the assets of our clients in order to ensure their financial well-being.  And that is what we do.