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Insurance for Apartment Owners and Community Associations

At Bankers Insurance, we enjoy helping our clients grow and succeed in business. Our apartment owner insurance program is designed with you in mind. As an independent insurance agency, we quote with many insurance companies that specialize not only in apartments, but also offer community association insurance, student housing insurance, and all other types of landlord insurance. Our program includes many value-added tools and business services to help your business thrive.

Apartment Owner Insurance Program

Our Value Proposition

Our commitment to you.

One of our apartment owner insurance risk managers will perform a thorough review of your operations. They will take the time necessary to understand your business, shop your coverage, and present options. Their goal is to help you avoid common pitfalls, help make sure you are aware of all risks, and reduce claims.

Key Features

What makes us different.

  • Dedicated Account Manager: We do not operate a call center. Each of our apartment owner insurance clients has the direct phone number and email of their account manager for questions and policy service.
  • Rapid Response: When you have a question or request policy service, your answer is our top priority. You will receive a prompt reply from your agent who knows your business.
  • Dedicated claims management: We are your claims advocate. Dedicated claims agents are on staff to guide you through the process and to follow up with your insurance company so they handle your case appropriately. We have your interest at heart.
  • A Unique Quote Philosophy: We know our apartment insurance companies’ strengths and interests. We will listen to you, review your operations, determine matched insurance providers, and present tailored quotes. Our process repeatedly delivers superior coverage and pricing.
  • Master Policies: Property owners can have one policy covering all holdings, but with individual billing.
  • On-Site Assessment: To obtain values, review buildings and building details. Not available in all states.
  • Certificates of Insurance: Fast, accurate, and to all entities requested.
  • Custom Coverages: Protection for environmental exposure (mold, asbestos, lead), tanning beds, swimming pools, fitness centers, and other unique risks.
  • Pre-Renewal Meetings: Your agent will review current coverage and costs prior to each renewal to help determine areas for savings and where coverage should be added or deleted. Make sure each one of your buildings is properly covered so you are never caught unawares in a claim situation.
  • Industry-leading pricing.
  • Many payment plans available.
  • Value-added tools and resources help you to manage your business efficiently, reduce claims, and save money.

Business Operations

A wide variety of apartments and community associations are acceptable:

  • Garden Apartments
  • High-rise Apartments
  • Loft Apartments
  • Student Housing
  • Independent Senior
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
  • Community Associations
  • Mixed Use Buildings
  • Multifamily, MDUs, duplexes, townhomes
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Investors

We offer

Our apartment owner insurance products:

  • Property (buildings and contents)
  • Loss of Income and Extra Expense
  • General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Business Auto / Truck
  • Business Owner Policy packages
  • Cyber Liability
  • Flood
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Umbrella Liability
  • All Others

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Apartment Owner Insurance that Stands With You

Bankers Insurance understands the hard work and investment you put into your properties. Be aware of not only the risks associated with your buildings, but all areas of your operations. As a part of our community association insurance program, we strive to educate and inform. Let us offer meaningful information so that you can make knowledgeable decisions. For those risks that need to be addressed through insurance, our apartment owner insurance program is ready. Let us be your risk advisor. We are a Trusted Choice insurance agency.

Available Coverages


Apartment owner insurance property building contents. Modern apartment buildings.

Property insurance is the foremost concern of our landlord clients. However, it is also one of the least understood apartment owner insurance coverages. Should your buildings be valued based on replacement cost or agreed value? Could co-insurance requirements be an issue in the event of a claim? If significant damage were to occur, would new building regulations come into play during the repairs? What if a catastrophic event such as hurricane or wildfire causes construction prices to rise – will your coverage respond appropriately? Let Bankers Insurance answer your toughest community association insurance questions.

  • Buildings and Contents
  • Business Income and Extra Expense. Calculate Your Exposure
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Full Ordinance and Law protection
  • Many valuation options
    • Agreed value, with no coinsurance
    • Replacement cost
    • Functional replacement cost
    • Actual cash value
  • Blanket Limits available


Community association insurance general liability. Swimming pool near apartment buildings.

With apartment owners and other landlord operations, liability can come from many different sources: your property, tenants, local and state bodies, and even third party service providers. If you provide common use facilities such as a swimming pool or fitness center, our apartment owner insurance program can cover you. We can also protect against risk associated with outsourcing services such as lawn care, maintenance, cleaning, moving companies, and contractors. Protect your investment with a community association insurance package from Bankers Insurance.

  • General Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Wrongful Eviction
  • Third Party Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Cyber Liability

Workers’ Compensation

Apartment owner insurance workers compensation. Electrician in repairing apartment.

Your buildings are expensive. We get that. But if a building is damaged, it can be repaired at a somewhat predictable price. People are different. The risk of injury to employees can be a large exposure. If you employ managers, maintenance workers, or outside service providers, workers compensation protects them and your business for work-related injuries. This coverage should be part of any thorough apartment owner insurance program. Even if you pay someone by 1099, they can still be considered your employee under workers compensation law. Reference our article Subcontractors and Workers’ Compensation on this same topic, or ask a Bankers Insurance community association insurance agent.

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Disability

Business Auto / Truck

Apartment owner insurance business auto truck. Commercial van in front of apartment buildings.

Vehicles owned by the business, or operated on its behalf, need to be covered under a business auto insurance policy. Be sure your apartment owner insurance program includes this protection. Even if you have no other exposure other than employees running occasional errands in a personal vehicle – picking up supplies or the mail – the business can be found liable should an accident occur. In such a case, a simple and inexpensive Hired and Non-Owned Liability endorsement onto your community association insurance policy will offer protection.

  • Auto liability
  • Physical damage
  • Hired and Non Owned Liability
  • Towing
  • Driver Other Car protection
  • Reference our business auto webpage for more detail.

Other Available Insurance Coverages

Community association insurance other coverages. Heavy rain in the late evening at an apartment complex.

Depending upon your operations, your business may have other risk exposures. Address them as a part of our community association insurance package.

  • Cyber Liability
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Group Dental Insurance
  • Group Vision Insurance

Value-Added Tools and Resources

other business tools and resources. Hand tools arranged on a wooden table.

Bankers offers more than just apartment owner insurance. We are your partner in business. We offer our clients many additional tools and resources to help them reduce risk, operate efficiently, and help your business grow.

  • Employee handbooks, tailorable to your business
  • Safety manuals
  • Complete risk assessments
  • Workers compensation experience modification reviews.
  • Contract Review
  • OSHA compliance resources
  • View All

Why Bankers Insurance?

Anyone can be an order-taker.  Bankers Insurance is different.

We don’t expect clients to be apartment owner insurance experts. Take advantage of our experience. We can explain options and help you determine coverage that suits your needs.

As your insurance agent, we strive to know you. Only then can we suggest coverage that fits your specific business. We look for coverage gaps and offer protection. With us, you get the benefit of:

Accessibility Tools