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Eastern Shore, VA insurance agency office

McCaleb Metzler, a Bankers Insurance Company

Originally founded in 1947, McCaleb-Melzer is a Bankers Insurance company.  We now have access to more insurance companies than ever before and offer an even broader base of services.  Come visit our Eastern Shore, VA insurance agency in our new location on Rt 13 just north of Royal Farms in Exmore.

Areas Served

We are located on the scenic Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Though we have clients located in all fifty states, we primarily serve Accomack County and Northampton County, Virginia.  The towns we service include Chincoteague, Accomac, Onancock, Onley, Melfa, Keller, Painter, Belle Haven, Exmore, Nassawadox, Cheriton, Eastville, and Cape Charles.

Insurance Products

Our Eastern Shore, VA insurance agency provides all forms of personal and business insurance.

Personal Insurance

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is an inviting grassroots community that we have been serving for generations.  We understand coastal insurance and can save you money on your home, auto, and flood policies.

Business Insurance

McCaleb-Metzler is passionate about helping local businesses succeed.  Our greatest joy is hearing of another’s success.  We provide quality insurance products at competitive prices, with “no excuse” customer service.  We can save you money on your property, liability, business auto, workers comp, and any other insurance needs.

Insurance Specialties

Due to our coastal location, we specialize in coastal homes.  We can handle homeowners near the water, on the water, or on pilings.  Trust us for your hardest-to-insure waterfront or farms.  For the same reason, we also specialize in flood insurance.  Coastal homes are much more likely to be exposed to rising waters and risk of flood.  We provide flood insurance both through the National Flood Insurance Program and also through an alternative, private market.

Our Eastern Shore, VA insurance agency has also developed a few business insurance specialties.  One is non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT).  This is a business that drives patients to doctors’ appointments.  NEMT providers may service ambulatory patients only, but many also have wheelchair-equipped vehicles.  A few even provide transport of stretcher patients.  We insure NEMT businesses in all fifty states.

Located near the Chesapeake Bay, many of our clients are seafood industry businesses.  We have taken what we learned locally and now offer insurance for seafood-related businesses all over the country.  The majority of our seafood clients grow clams and oysters, but we also service seafood brokers, dealers, distributors, and wholesalers.  Because many of these clients work on or around the water, we also offer protection and indemnity (P&I) for the boats and crew (Jones Act).  We have clients from Maine to Florida.  One of our newest clients is an oyster grower in Alaska.

Client Insurance Challenges

Personal Insurance

As you may guess, coastal property is at the top of the list.  Fortunately, our Eastern Shore, VA insurance agency is contracted with several insurance companies that will write coastal property.  For example, we hold the distinction of being the only insurance agency on the Eastern Shore that is contracted with Loudoun Mutual.  However, guidelines are tightening.  Most insurance carriers require a 2% wind deductible, but they range from 0% up to 5%.

Many homes in this area are older, built in the 1940s or even earlier.  Thus, obtaining information on updates to electrical, plumbing, roofing, and heating is important.  Some homes in our area still have asbestos siding.  It is durable and generally considered safe as long as it is undisturbed, but some insurance carriers will not quote a home with it.

Business Insurance

Coastal exposure, and therefore wind deductibles, again tops the list of insurance challenges for businesses.  Most commercial insurance carriers require at least a 1% wind/hail deductible, but 2% is normal.  Some insurance companies will exclude wind altogether.  In such cases, we have access to several insurance markets that specialize in wind coverage and can offer standalone wind insurance.

Why Choose the Eastern Shore Branch of Bankers Insurance?

We care.  We live and work in this community and know its particulars.  We aren’t satisfied insuring only the easy policies.  We enjoy a challenge and work hard for our clients.  We know insurance, are professional, polite, and want to make a difference for our clients through what we do.  We know the challenges of coastal property and which insurance companies are best for each client’s situation.

Eastern Shore of Virginia and Surrounding Areas

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is particularly known for seafood, agriculture, tourism, and our space port at Wallops Island.  If you enjoy fresh fish, clams, and oysters, it’s certainly worth a visit.  The main crops (other than clams and oysters) are corn, soybeans, wheat, and tomatoes.

Local Economy Drivers

Wallops Island is a space port that recently won a contract to resupply the international space station.  This market is thriving, creating a demand for high-tech jobs and boosting all supporting industries.  Tourism is a major contributor to the economy during the summer months.  The primary tourist destinations are Chincoteague Island and Cape Charles.

Seasonal Activities

We’ve already mentioned how tourism heats up during summer months.  However, fishing tourism is another draw to the local area.  Avid anglers visit all year round, depending upon fishing seasons, to fish in the Chesapeake Bay or the seaside coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Unique Attractions

  • Chincoteague Island is the primary tourist attraction.  It is famous for it’s pristine beach at Assateague State Park.
  • Wineries.  With three local wineries, wine tourism is a great attraction.
  • Northampton County has the oldest continuous court records in the United States.