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Farm Insurance

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We serve farmers – individuals and businesses – no matter what you grow or your farm operations – no matter whether you live on your farm, lease land from others, or a combination thereof.  As an independent insurance agency, we aren’t tied to only one insurance company.  We can quote your farm insurance with many and present you with your best options.  We represent many companies that specialize in the agricultural industry.  Let us shop your insurance for you.

Farm Insurance Program

We can insure

  • All farm types: farm owners, lessors, or any combination.
  • All farm operations: from row crops to poultry to dairies to wineries… and all in between.
  • All entities:  individuals, partnerships, or businesses
  • All supporting industries, including fertilizer and pesticide application
  • Small farms to the largest commercial operations
  • Farm property, barns, and outbuildings
  • Farm tractors, harvesters, implements, and all farm equipment
  • Home and contents – at any level, even over $25,000,000
  • Personal autos
  • Trucks
  • Utility Trailers
  • Semi tractors and trailers

We Offer

  • Several major national and regional farm and ranch insurance companies
  • Packages with home, farm property, auto, truck, and equipment
  • Best prices in the industry
  • Experience, expertise, and “no excuse” customer service
  • Agricultural and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS) designated agents
  • Farm liability
  • Personal liability
  • Umbrella / Excess liability
  • Workers Compensation

Farm Insurance

The agricultural industry is the cornerstone of our economy.  Thanks to our farmers, America enjoys a stable, health food supply.  And even today, 97 percent of America’s 2.2 million farms are still operated by families.  Our farmers not only feed America, but many other countries as well.  According to the Farm Bureau, the U.S. exports approximately $133,000,000 in agricultural products each year, around 23 percent of crops, but representing 31 percent of all farm income.

And they keep getting stronger:  Today, a farmer produces 262 percent more food with 2 percent fewer inputs than in 1950.  However, margins for farmers and ranchers have been cut in half since 1980, increasing your risk.  That is where Bankers Insurance supports this industry by reducing risk.  We can protect your farm property, equipment, home, and auto while protecting you from liability.  Contact Us for a no-obligation insurance review where we will explain your risk exposures in clear, understandable terms.

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Farm Insurance Quote Request

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Farm Insurance Coverages

Different insurance companies cover farms utilizing various policy types.  But at its core, farm insurance isn’t complicated.  We will tailor a policy to fit your specific needs.  Farm insurance can include:

Farm Property and Equipment

Farm buildings, permanent or semi-permanent structures, such as:

  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Stables
  • Silos

Farm personal property:  Generally, this is contents of the above structures (not crops).  Items can be listed individually (scheduled) or lumped together (blanket).  Examples include:

  • Farm machinery, including processing equipment
  • Tools
  • Tractors
  • Combines, cotton pickers, and other harvesters
  • Implements
  • Navigation systems, GPS, and precision farming equipment
  • All other

Farm Liability

Provides protection for liability associated with your farm operations and products.  Examples include:

  • Injuring motorists or people while moving farm equipment between fields.
  • Farm product liability claims for food-borne illness.

Farm Products

Certain farm insurance policies can include coverage for farm products and inventory.  However, the cause of loss is typically limited to basic hazards such as fire, lightning, windstorm, etc.  Covered items can include:

  • Livestock
  • Fertilizer
  • Seed
  • Feed and silage
  • Crops in storage

More complete coverage for crops or livestock in the field and in storage/under roof is available under USDA / RMA crop insurance offerings.

Auto and Truck

Farm insurance can include coverage for autos or trucks licensed for on-road use.  Farm equipment (non-licensed) is property covered under Farm Property, but if a vehicle is licensed to be used on the road, proper auto coverage is needed.  Depending on coverage needs, this insurance provides similar coverages as personal auto insurance or business auto insurance, including liability, collision, comprehensive, medical, and others.  Coverage is available for:

  • Personal passenger vehicles – sedans, pickups, SUVs, etc.
  • Trucks of all sizes
  • Semi-tractors and trailers


Homeowners insurance is an optional coverage if you live on the farm or desire to insure your home along with the farm.  Homeowners insurance includes coverage for the home, contents of the home, outbuildings, and personal liability.  In other words, it’s just like normal homeowners insurance but gets wrapped up into your farm insurance policy.

Umbrella / Excess Liability

Umbrella liability for farm insurance serves to increase limits on the farm liability and/or homeowners coverages.  Suppose your underlying farm liability limit was $1,000,000, but you also spray pesticides for a separate production service and they require a $3,000,000 limit.  A $2,000,000 umbrella would increase your  liability limits to the required $3m.

Workers Compensation

On average, farm workers are exposed to a wider variety of hazards than many other industries.  Workers can be driving a tractor one hour, repairing an implement the next, and packing product by the afternoon.  Thus, work injuries are one of the largest risk exposures to agricultural businesses.  In the event of a work-related injury, workers compensation protects your farm workers and your business.  For the farm worker, it pays for health expenses and a portion of lost wages.  For the business, it shields it from being sued for the injury under tort law.  For more detail, check out our workers compensation webpage.  Requirements by state differ, so contact us with questions.

Additional Farm Services from Bankers Insurance

Agriculture Industry Services Snapshot

We serve our clients by providing the following services upon request, at no additional cost:

  1. Risk analysis:  We will provide risk analysis surveys and checklists specific to your farm operations.  Whether you are a beef cattle farm or a row crop producer or a nursery – whatever you grow – we have a survey that can help identify areas of risk you may not have considered and how to reduce them.
  2. Employee Manual:  We provide employee manuals specific to the farming industry.  Tailor them to your liking.
  3. Safety Flyers:  Topics as general as farm machinery safety to product-specific information such as ammonia safety.
  4. Updates on FDA and OSHA Regulations
  5. Training Materials:  To help educate your workforce for their safety and to minimize the possibility of claims.
  6. Many Others:  If we don’t already offer it, we’ll search for a means to get it.

Below is a sampling of resources we can provide our clients

Why Bankers Insurance?

Anyone can be an order-taker.  Bankers Insurance is different.

We offer choices and expertise.  We don’t expect clients to be farm insurance experts.  Take advantage of our experience.  We can explain your options and help you determine the right coverages.

As your insurance agent, we strive to know you.   Only then can suggest the coverage that suits your specific farm.  We look for coverage gaps to help ensure complete protection.  With us, you get the benefit of: