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Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities

Available in all 50 states!

Bankers Insurance is passionate about providing insurance for assisted living facilities. You are careful to serve your clients with dignity and respect. Let us do the same for you. No matter whether your business is an active adult community, apartments or condominiums for seniors, or even a nursing home, we custom-tailor insurance solutions to suit your needs. As an independent insurance agency, you know we have your best interests at heart. We are contracted with the top assisted living facility insurance companies, will quote your coverage with them, and present you with your best options.


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Assisted Living Facility Insurance Program

Twenty bed minimum to qualify.

Key Features

What makes us different:

  • Dedicated Insurance Agent: Our clients are provided the email address for their specific account manager, along with a phone number that rings right on their desk. We do not operate a call center. Service will come from your account manager who is familiar with your account.
  • Rapid Service: When you request policy changes or have questions, your account manager will respond promptly.
  • Claims Advocacy: Claims happen – that is why we offer insurance for assisted living facilities. To provide a superior experience, we staff claims insurance agents to advocate on your behalf and ensure your claim is processed smoothly. These agents are our employees, not the insurance company’s.
  • Workers Compensation Experience Modification Reviews: Many experience mods contain computational errors. Let us review your modification to ensure you are not overpaying for insurance.
  • Multi-carrier Quotes
  • Certificates of Insurance: Upon renewal or when a new certificate is needed, we provide them quickly, accurately, and to all entities requested.
  • Safety Management: Better safety means lower claims, lowering the cost of insurance for assisted living facilities. Bankers and/or our insurance companies can provide complete site assessment checklists or onsite reviews, to identify areas of risk and address them. Safety management services can include thermographic infrared testing of the electric service at no cost to the client.
  • Building valuation
  • Emergency evacuation training
  • Employee Background Screening
  • Motor Vehicle Reports: Access to discounted services
  • Auto fleet safety services such as defensive driving, large van or bus safety, and vehicle emergency evacuation training
  • Driver monitoring programs
  • Online Business Resource Directory
    • Employee Safety Manuals
    • Employee Handbooks: Up to date, addressing current issues, and able to be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.
    • Safety Materials: Safe lifting, ergonomics policies, fire safety, health care facility hazard checklist, communicable disease handling guidelines, and other materials to promote a safe work environment.
    • Other: cyber security policies, bedbug prevention, substance abuse guidelines, and many more resources for your business.
  • Value Added Tools and Resources

Business Operations

A wide variety of operations are acceptable:

  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Active Adult Communities
  • Senior Apartments and Condominiums
  • Adult Foster Homes
  • Personal Care Homes
  • Continuous Care
  • Retirement Communities
  • Nursing Homes
  • In-Home Care

We Offer

Packaged insurance for assisted living facilities:

  • Property
  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Umbrella / Excess liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Business Auto

Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities

Senior living facilities provide an invaluable service by serving our communities and citizens.  Over 10,000 baby boomers turn age 65 every day.  This means assisted living facilities will see a continued increase in residency for at least the next decade.  Although good news for the industry, it also means more risk for your business.  Bankers provides insurance for assisted living facilities that fits your budget.  Contact Us for a no-obligation insurance review where we will explain your risk exposures in clear, understandable terms.

Assisted Living Facility Insurance Quote Request

Assisted Living Facility Insurance Quote Request

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Full Applications:

General and Professional Liability

Insurance Products


Property insurance for assisted living facilities, exterior view of two story assisted living complex with tan brick walls and brown shingled roof.

Property insurance for assisted living facilities protects your investment in your business. This insurance includes coverage for your building and contents. It can also protect your lost income should the building be damaged. Many assisted living facilities without income coverage that are severely damaged struggle to reopen, even if they carry proper coverage on the building. Business expenses such as outstanding loans and key employee salaries continue even though no income is generated during reconstruction. Ensure you protect not just your contents, but your income as well.

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • Contents of residents
  • Business Income and Extra Expense, Actual Loss Sustained: A critical insurance for assisted living facilities, this protects against lost income during reconstruction. Protection for a resulting decrease in clients is included as well. Reference our business income calculator to ensure you select sufficient protection.
  • Automated external defibrillators
  • Communicable disease extra expense
  • Utility services
  • Funds transfer fraud
  • Emergency vacating expense
  • Employee theft
  • Theft of resident’s property
  • Property off premises
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Key employee replacement
  • Identity theft


Professional liability insurance for assisted living facilities, a doctor in blue scrubs helps an older resident to stand.

Liability insurance for assisted living facilities is available through several solutions. General liability protects your organization from liability due to bodily injury and property damage. Common claims for this coverage are due to injured residents or guests on the premises or parking lot. Another common exposure is foodborne illness associated with a cafeteria. Professional liability protects your business for professional services provided such as administering medications and other care-related exposures. Umbrella liability is available as an extra layer of protection over your general liability, professional liability, auto liability, and even workers compensation, to increase policy limits. Umbrella liability is available from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 and higher.

General Liability

  • Blanked additional insured status, when required by contract
  • Assault
  • Liquor liability
  • Property damage to property of others while in your care

Abuse or Molestation Insurance

  • Broad limits
  • Available on either occurrence or claims-made basis
  • Innocent employee, volunteer, and student-in-training expense coverage

Professional Liability

  • Broadest scope of operations available
  • Protection for your employees, volunteers, and even students
  • Occurrence or Claims Made forms

Umbrella Liability

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance for assisted living facilities, worker helping a woman at kitchen table, serving her a meal.

Workers compensation insurance for assisted living facilities protects your employees and your business. It provides statutory compensation for healthcare expenses and lost wages for job-related injuries. This protection is unlimited. Common claims we see for assisted living facilities are back strains. These can be costly, requiring recovery time and therapy. However, many times they are preventable. Let us help you implement a workplace safety program that includes training on safe lifting practices and a return-to-work program to help increase workplace safety, reduce claims frequency, and reduce the amount paid on those claims.

Business Auto

Business auto insurance for assisted living facilities, a small white bus with a blue stripe carries residents on a city street with motion blur background.

Many assisted living facilities provide transportation of their residents, even if on an infrequent basis. Auto liability represents significant risk. Business auto insurance for assisted living facilities protects against this exposure. A single at-fault accident of a van or bus carrying residents can quickly result in large claims. We highly suggest an umbrella liability policy as well be placed over this coverage.

Another common exposure is employees who drive their own vehicles on business time, such as running to the hardware store for supplies or to the post office for mail. Ensure your policy includes hired and non-owned protection for this risk.

  • Cars, vans, buses, or trucks – all are eligible.
  • Auto Liability
  • Auto Physical Damage, including attached equipment
  • Towing and Rental Expense
  • Hired and Non-Owned Liability and Limited Physical Damage
  • Garagekeepers
  • Blanket Additional Insureds
  • Attached electronic equipment including audio, visual, and data
  • Care, custody or control broadening amendment


Other insurance for assisted living facilities, yoga instructor teaching seniors.

When you become a client of Bankers Insurance, your agent will take the time necessary to understand your business and suggest other protections that may be applicable. Just as you are proud of the service you provide your valuable clients, we are proud of the service we package with our insurance for assisted living facilities. You are always in control. Choose from a variety of protections including:

  • Cyber Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Builder’s Risk
  • Crisis Response
  • Inland Marine (mobile equipment)
  • Key Employee Life
  • Group Health
  • Group Life
  • Group Dental
  • Group Vision
  • Group Disability

Value Added Services

From Bankers Insurance

Each of our assisted living facility insurance clients are provided access to a variety of management, human resources, and benefits services.  Most are provided at no cost.

  • Employee Manuals specific to assisted living facilities
  • Safety manuals, documented safety programs and training materials
  • Consultation on contractual liability and risk transfer
  • Workers compensation experience modification analysis and review
  • Site safety reviews
  • OSHA publications
  • OSHA training
  • Review all of Bankers’ value-added client services.

Why Bankers Insurance?

Anyone can be an order-taker.  Bankers Insurance is different.

We offer choices and expertise.  We don’t expect clients to be experts in insurance for assisted living facilities.  Take advantage of our experience.  We can explain your options and help you determine the right coverages.

As your insurance agent, we strive to know you.   Only then can suggest the coverage that suits your specific needs.  We look for coverage gaps to help ensure complete protection.  With us, you get the benefit of: