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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance offers additional protection for liability over and above your homeowners, auto, and other insurance policies, while filling gaps in coverage.  In our litigious society, umbrella liability is the new standard. Protect your assets when other coverages reach their limit.

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Personal Umbrella Insurance

We recommend everyone consider a personal umbrella insurance policy. If you engage in a high-risk activity or a hobby that increases your odds of being sued — such as having a teenage driver, owning a swimming pool, or frequent entertaining — it is wise to supplement your insurance coverage with an umbrella policy.

For your peace of mind.

  • Stand-alone policies or packages with home and auto
  • Prices as low as $120 per year for $1,000,000 coverage
  • Limits from $1,000,000 to $20,000,000 or higher
  • Increases homeowners personal liability limits
  • Increases auto liability
  • Can extend over personal boat liability and other policies

To qualify for our personal umbrella insurance program, Bankers Insurance must also provide your home and auto insurance coverages.

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An extra layer of protection, when you need it.

Standard personal liability insurance limits may not be sufficient in certain cases. Large claim judgments are becoming more commonplace. According to a recent survey by Martindale-Nolo, 16% of personal injury settlements are over $75,000. Personal umbrella insurance protects against liability that extends beyond the limits of your underlying homeowners, auto, boat, or other policies.  Personal umbrella insurance is inexpensive and easy to quote.

One of the largest claims seen by our agency was for an automobile accident.  The injured party required lifetime healthcare and was no longer able to work, resulting in a $2,500,000 judgment.

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To qualify for our personal umbrella insurance program, Bankers Insurance must also provide your home and auto insurance coverages.
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Personal Umbrella Insurance Exposures

How To Start

  1. Consider the exposures listed above.
  2. Gather existing policy numbers and expiration dates.
  3. Contact us or complete the application above to get the process started.

Factors and Cost Drivers

Personal Umbrella Insurance is very affordable, probably the least expensive insurance you will ever buy.  Thankfully, it is also easy to apply.  The cost depends on the risk.  Some of the items that can affect cost are:

  • Number of drivers in your household
  • Age of the drivers
  • Driver record(s)
  • Other policies over which you desire the coverage to extend
  • Other properties owned and their use.
  • Occupation (professional entertainer, athlete, media personality, political figure, etc.)
  • Criminal record

Why Bankers Insurance?

Anyone can be an order-taker. Bankers Insurance is different.

We don’t expect clients to be personal umbrella insurance experts. Take advantage of our experience. We can explain options and help you determine coverage that suits your needs.

As your insurance agent, we strive to know you. Only then can we suggest coverage that fits. We look for coverage gaps and offer protection. With us, you get the benefit of:

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