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We help your business thrive. Bankers Insurance is an independent insurance agency, so we always want what is best for our clients. Should your business be liable for damages, liability insurance is your defense. We provide a no-obligation risk analyse for all business operations, so there is no need to be caught off guard. Leverage all the tools and resources we provide our clients to push your business to the top!

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You’ve worked hard to build the assets of your business. However, the largest risk to them is often not fire, lightning, or wind. The largest threat to your business is usually from liability associated with business operations. Liability insurance comes in many different forms, but all are designed to protect your business should it be found liable for damages, injuries, or other harm. You know your business best. Reference the material below to see which liability coverage(s) are applicable to it.


General Liability Insurance

The only way to effectively protect the assets of your business is to carry adequate Commercial General Liability insurance. This coverage protects your business should it be found responsible from bodily injury (hurting someone) or property damage (hurting something). READ MORE on General Liability Insurance →


Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability insurance provides coverage for errors and omissions in professional services. Professional services are often excluded from general liability policies since those risks are more appropriately covered under an industry-specific professional liability insurance policy. Professionals who should consider this coverage are doctors, physicians, dentists, architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, real estate agents, bankers, and other professional services. READ MORE on Professional Liability Insurance →


Umbrella Liability / Excess Liability / Bumbershoot

Umbrella liability insurance provides additional liability coverage over and above general liability, auto liability, and even employer’s liability. It is often placed over professional liability as well to reach adequate limits. For example, if your business needs $5,000,000 general liability coverage, but your general liability policy provides only $1,000,000, you could purchase a $4,000,000 umbrella ($1m + $4m = $5m). A Bumbershoot is the maritime equivalent and can extend over marine liability coverages such as Protection and Indemnity. READ MORE on Commercial Umbrella Insurance →


Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability insurance covers events such as sexual harassment (from employer or other employee), discrimination, wrongful termination, refusal to hire, and other employment related issues. READ MORE on Employment Practices Liability Insurance →


Directors & Officers Liability

Directors and Officers Liability protects against losses and defense costs resulting from wrongful acts of directors and officers.  Often the damages due to breach of duty are not covered under a general liability policy.  Think of D&O liability like professional liability for the directors and officers of a corporation. READ MORE on D&O Insurance →


Cyber Liability Insurance / Data Breach

Cyber liability is the fastest growing type of insurance! If your business stores customer data such as address, federal ID, payment information, social security numbers, or any other personal information, you could be liable if it is leaked or stolen. Leaks can occur when information is inadvertently disclosed or not disposed in a proper manner. Data can be stolen if a laptop is taken from a car, if a thief breaks into your building and steals hardware, or if a hacker steals data from your server. Depending upon your industry, laws may require you to notify affected customers and provide other services. Standard notification expenses can be over $200 per person. Cyber liability insurance addresses this risk. READ MORE on Cyber Liability Insurance →

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