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Bankers Insurance is proud to serve the Defense Base Act (DBA) industry. Our DBA insurance program offers broad protection at industry-leading prices. We have the experience, resources, and knowledge to fulfill the unique needs of DBA contractors. As an independent insurance agency, your best interests are always our focus. Our program includes many value-added tools and resources to help you run efficiently, profitably, and safely.

DBA Insurance Program

Key Features

What makes us different.

  • Multi-carrier Contracts: We possess contracts with the major DBA insurance carriers and know their strengths. We can negotiate the coverage you need at industry-leading pricing. Use our buying power to your advantage.
  • Dedicated Account Management: We have clients, not customers. Each client is assigned a team of agents familiar with your account and dedicated to serving you. Our clients receive the email address and direct phone number of their risk advisor and account manager.
  • Claims Advocacy: The reason for insurance is in case a claim occurs. As a client of Bankers Insurance, you will enjoy dedicated claims agents that ensure the process runs smoothly and that your claim is handled fairly. We are your advocate with the insurance company.
  • Certificates of Insurance: Fast, accurate, and to all parties requested.
  • Rapid Response: Your account manager directly handles your inquiries and requests for service. Never wait for a call-center.
  • Industry Expertise: We understand no two clients are the same and each of their contracts have unique Defense Base Act insurance requirements. We will take the time to listen, understand your operations, and advise on how to lower the cost of your insurance.
  • We Do It All: Not only can we provide DBA insurance, but all other insurance products as well.

We Offer

Our Defense Base Act Insurance Products

Who needs Defense Base Act insurance?

The Defense Base Act provides workers’ compensation-type protection to certain employees working overseas. We provide DBA insurance coverage for workers employed in a variety of operations. Defense Base Act insurance is not limited to the defense industry but is required for employees:

  • At any military base outside the U.S.,
  • Upon any foreign lands used by/for the U.S. military,
  • Employed upon any public work outside the continental U.S.,
  • Employed under a contract with the U.S., performed outside the U.S., or
  • Subcontractors of the prime, performing any of the above.

To summarize, an employer working on just about any project performed outside the U.S., on behalf of the U.S., whether the work be military or non-military, is required to carry DBA insurance. Subcontractors should review their contracts to ensure the source of this coverage is clearly identified, whether they obtain it themselves or through the prime contractor.

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Defense Base Act Insurance


What Benefits are Provided by DBA Insurance?

DBA insurance benefits, a bearded construction worker in white hat and red suspenders stands in front of an American flag.

Defense Base Act Insurance is similar to workers’ compensation coverage. To define the benefits, the government took the U.S. Longshore Harbor Workers Act and extended it to DBA contractors. DBA insurance provides compensation for medical expenses, disability (lost wages), and death. Reference the U.S. Department of Labor Longshore DBA page for details. Below is a summary of benefits.

  • Medical Expenses: Expenses related to the injury including all medical, surgical, nurse, and hospital treatment, and other medical supplies and services, as well as the cost of travel and incidental mileage. The employee has the right to choose the doctor or physician they desire.
  • Disability: Disability is generally paid at two-thirds of an employees regular salary or loss of wage-earning capacity. However, there are several classes of partial disability where lesser rates may apply.
  • Death: Benefits are paid to a widow or widower or other eligible survivors. The widow or widower receives 50% of the average weekly wage of the deceased employee for life or until remarriage. If the employee had one or more children, an additional 16 2/3 percent of the employee’s average wage is payable. Funeral expenses are paid up to a maximum of $3,000. Other eligible survivors include parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and grandchildren who were dependent on the employee.

Payment maximums and minimums apply and are adjusted year-to-year based on national averages.

Value-Added Tools and Resources

other business tools and resources. Hand tools arranged on a wooden table.

Your DBA employees go above and beyond the call of duty. When we partner with you, we not only provide DBA insurance, but also many value-added tools and resources to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and help your business prosper.

  • Complete risk assessments
  • Employee handbooks, tailorable to your business
  • Safety manuals
  • Workers compensation experience modification reviews
  • Contract review
  • OSHA compliance resources

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Further Resources

Which employees are excluded from the act?

Two types of waivers are available.

  • Contract-Specific Waivers: A Defense Base Act insurance waiver granted in the contract, should the contractor meet criteria to be classified as self-insured.
  • Geographic Waivers: A waiver granted if the host country has adequate workers’ compensation coverage already which includes foreign workers.

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Why Bankers Insurance?

Anyone can be an order-taker.  Bankers Insurance is different.

We offer choices and expertise. We don’t expect clients to be DBA insurance experts.  Take advantage of our experience. We can explain your options and help you determine the right coverages.

As your insurance agent, we strive to know you. Only then can suggest the coverage that suits your specific business. We look for coverage gaps to help ensure complete protection. With us, you get the benefit of: