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Bankers Insurance is dedicated to serving the temporary staffing industry. We want to see you prosper. As an independent insurance agency, we aren’t tied to only one insurance company, but will quote your temporary staffing agency insurance with several and present you with the best options. Our staffing program includes an entire suite of tools and services to help your business run smoothly, reduce expense, minimize claims, and gain a competitive advantage.

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Staffing Insurance Program

Broad varieties of staffing operations are acceptable, from low risk to higher hazard.  Our clients staff clerical, healthcare, technology, warehousing, manufacturing, industrial, and all other.

temporary staffing agency insurance program by Bankers Insurance

Business Operations

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Permanent Placement
  • Recruiting and Executive Search
  • Payrolling
  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)
  • Administrative Services Organizations (ASO)
  • Vendor Staffing Management (VMS)

We Offer

  • Several major staffing insurance companies
  • Packages or stand-alone polices
  • General Liability
  • Umbrella / Excess Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Employee Theft / Crime
  • Workers Compensation
  • All other lines of business insurance

Temporary Staffing Agency Insurance

Staffing firms possess unique insurance needs. Since positions staffed vary dramatically from one firm to the next, speciality insurance companies are needed to serve this industry. Workers compensation, general liability, and professional liability are large expenses and represent areas of significant risk exposure. Our temporary staffing agency insurance program protects your business from these risks with insurance solutions underwritten by “A” rated insurance carriers.

One size does not fit all. Each firm is unique. A medium-sized agency with favorable claims history that staffs office workers might do well with a guaranteed-cost workers compensation policy plus general liability.  A larger firm with a few big claims that staffs nurses to hospitals may be better served by an experience-rated workers compensation plan along with an insurance package that offers professional liability with an umbrella/excess liability policy over it all. This is our philosophy, to match solutions to clients, not the other way around.

Use our experience to your advantage. Let us guide you to a temporary staffing agency insurance solution that protects your business and lowers expense.

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Temporary Staffing Insurance Quote

Temporary Staffing Insurance Quote

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Program Coverages

Our temporary staffing agency insurance program is tailored to each of our clients’ unique business needs.  Some of the main coverages to consider include:

Warehouse workers temporary staffing agency insurance workers compensation

Workers Compensation

A primary and statutory temporary staffing agency insurance coverage. Not only does workers comp protect your employee, but it also protects your staffing firm from being sued by your employees for work-related injury. Ensure your policy covers all states in which you operate. Obtain workers compensation insurance from a qualified, highly rated insurance company with a program specifically designed for staffing firms. Our stable of companies include Zurich, Chartis (AIG), and Benchmark just to name a few.  Our products include:

  • Traditional, guaranteed cost policies
  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Experience Rated
  • Self-Insured Groups
  • PEOs
  • Captives
  • Off-Shore

Assigned Risk

If your staffing agency’s workers compensation insurance is in the assigned risk pool for your state, we can move you out of the pool at any time without penalty – no need to wait for your policy to expire. You will receive a refund from your prior insurance company for the unused portion of your policy. We regularly save clients 10% to 40% by taking them out of the assigned risk pool, and have even reduced some client’s workers compensation premiums in half. More detail can be found on our workers compensation web page.

staffing agency insurance forklift operator loading crates into truck

General Liability

General liability insurance protects your business for bodily injury (hurting other people) and property damage.  Within the walls of your office, this risk is low.  However, many insurance policies limit coverage to the office only, providing you little benefit since the largest risk arises from temporary workers you place in the workforce. For example, should your employee working in a lumber yard injure a customer or damage their vehicle while helping load it, your general liability insurance needs to respond. If the forklift driver you just placed at a client’s warehouse runs into a shelving unit and brings down a row of inventory, you need to have a staffing agency insurance package that is ready to step in and protect your business.  Obtain general liability insurance from a company that specializes in the staffing industry.  Review our general liability web page for more information.

temporary staffing agency professional liability insurance

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance protects against damages caused by failure to perform duties in a professional manner. Many agencies we speak with erroneously believe their general liability policy covers this exposure, when it does not. This coverage is most economical when combined into a temporary staffing agency insurance package.

Professional liability exposure varies depending upon your staff placements. Do any require professional designations? If your businesses staff doctors, accountants, or paralegals, your professional liability exposure will be higher than if you staff blue collar positions. However, most agencies possess at least some degree of exposure. Consider the earlier example of the forklift operator who runs into a shelving unit and destroys an entire row of inventory or injures someone in the process. If it is determined they were inadequately trained to operate the forklift, it could be construed the agency breached professional standards by not providing a suitable employee. Professional liability insurance is where this coverage is property obtained.

temporary staffing agency insurance program other coverages

Other Insurance Coverages

Depending upon your staffing agency’s operations, it may have significant risk exposure in one or several of these areas.

  • Hired and non-owned Auto: Protection from liability associated with employees driving their vehicles on company business, such as office errands or moving from one jobsite to another. We strongly suggest adding this affordable coverage to your temporary staffing agency insurance program.
  • Crime: Protection for your agency and your client from dishonest acts of your employees, or accusations thereof. Examples could be theft of trade secrets, theft of valuables, dishonest acts, forgery, computer fraud, and money transfer fraud.
  • Employee Benefits Liability: If your agency provides employee benefits, this coverage protects against liability associated with errors in managing a benefit plan.  An example would be failure to fully advise an employee of the benefits available to them, or failure to provide the same benefit levels to all classes of employees.
  • Abusive Acts: This coverage is sometimes termed Abuse and Molestation and protects against liability due to intentionally harmful acts. We recommend this coverage if your temps are placed in positions where they have a high degree of direct interaction with others. Positions of high risk of being accused of abusive acts include daycare, schools, healthcare, and various positions involving the elderly.
  • Stop Gap: Adds employer liability coverage to workers compensation for opens in a new windowmonopolistic states.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance: One of the fastest growing coverages.  It protects you firm for acts against employees such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, or refusal to hire.
other business tools and resources. Hand tools arranged on a wooden table.

Business Tools and Resources

Our temporary staffing agency insurance program includes many business management tools to help your business to succeed. Most are offered at no cost to our clients. Use these to streamline OSHA compliance, take the headache out of group benefits open enrollment, and to save on workers compensation claims. Offerings vary depending upon insurance carrier.  Tools include:

  • Employee manuals, tailored to your specific industry
  • Safety manuals
  • Workers compensation experience modification analysis. Many experience modifications contain errors and you could be overpaying as a result.
  • OSHA compliance training, tools, and resources
  • Group benefits compliance and onboarding
  • Background checks
  • Return to work programs
  • Post accident review procedures
  • Background screening
  • Driver hiring procedures
  • Driver training policies

View our entire suite of tools and services.

Key Program Distinctions

These features strengthen our temporary staffing agency insurance program and make it unique. Many competing programs do not possess these added protections.

Workers Compensation

Widest variety of solutions available, from traditional guaranteed-cost to 100% custom-built plans.

General Liability and Professional Liability

  • The Allied Healthcare endorsement is added automatically if your firm staffs positions related to the healthcare industry but don’t fall within the standard definition of doctors, nurses, etc. It covers exposure if temps should have interaction or contact with patients. Examples include furnishing food, beverages, medications, medical equipment or appliances.
  • Both general liability and professional liability can be packaged together under the same policy, reducing coverage gaps, eliminating wasteful overlap, and streamlining administration.
  • Coverage is primary. If your client’s coverage and the staffing agency’s coverage are similar, the agency’s coverage reacts first. This is a great means to retain important clients.
  • Waiver of subrogation included automatically. Many client contracts require a waiver of subrogation.
  • Defense costs are outside the limits of the policy. Lawyer fees and court costs will not reduce available protection.
  • The policy states the insurance company has a duty to defend your firm, even if allegations are groundless, false, or fraudulent.
  • Coverage includes services offered not only by your temps, but also in-house staff, independent contractors, and contract/temporary workers.
  • Policy definition of “Insured” includes volunteers, interns, and independent contractors.
  • Innocent Insured Provision extends coverage for defense and investigation for any criminal, fraudulent, malicious, dishonest or intentional acts, errors or omissions.  Such expenses are excluded from standard policies due to illegal acts.
  • Consent to settle (soft hammer clause). This benefit is key. The insurance company will not settle a claim without your consent. Many staffing firms are unhappy with their claims history due to a prior insurance company settling simply to close a case quickly. This can leave a large claim on the agency’s record and increase future insurance prices.
  • The deductible is reduced by 50%, up to $25,000, when mediation is utilized to resolve a claim.
  • $10,000 Disciplinary Proceedings Coverage is offered with its own limit, not subject to the deductible, and without any reduction of the limit of liability.
  • Knowledge of an existing claim exclusion is limited to only the corporate officer or risk manager.
  • World Wide coverage is offered for claims brought anywhere in the world and is built into the policy forms.
  • Policy not Auditable!  If your business grows during the year, you will not receive a bill for additional premium due.
  • Liberalization clause.  If a new policy form is ever revised to apply more broadly, it automatically applies to your current coverage.

Umbrella Liability

  • Follows the protection of the underlying policy(s).
  • Includes coverages for certain exposures not covered by the underlying.
  • Crisis Management – offers first dollar coverage.
  • Can extend over general liability, if desired, thus eliminating the need for extra policies, reducing expense.
  • Can be expanded to cover underlying policies including
    • General Liability
    • Professional Liability
    • Business Auto
    • Employee Benefits Liability
    • Employers Liability (workers’ comp $500 and A rated)

Risk Profile

The following is a Risk Profile from Rough Notes that you may find helpful in understanding temporary staffing agency insurance needs. Contact us and ask for a full risk review.

Description of operations: Employment agencies may offer several different types of employment-related services or they may concentrate on just one industry. Services commonly offered are placing a worker with a permanent position, finding a specific type of worker for a customer company, providing employers with short-term or temporary help, or providing workers with job counseling.

It is very important to make sure that the worker seeking employment, the employment operation, and the customer company seeking the worker understand fully the terms and conditions of the employment arrangement. There needs to be strict contractual definition as to who is obligated and responsible for providing workers compensation coverage, who pays the fee for the employment arrangement, who handles payment to the employee, who accounts for taxes and other mandatory deductions, and who provides miscellaneous employee benefits, if any, such as health insurance or a 401(k) savings plan.

Property exposures are usually light and are made up of office-type hazards. There may be some theft potential, depending on the amount and type of electronic equipment on hand.

Crime exposure comes from Employee Dishonesty. It is important to keep billing and disbursements as separate duties. Regular audits are also important.

Inland marine exposures consist of Computers, Valuable Papers and Records, and Accounts Receivable. Duplicates should be made and kept in an off-site backup facility for easy reproduction following a loss.

Premises liability exposure is moderate due to the number of clients visiting the premises. The waiting area and other places where the client has access must be well lighted with floor covering in good condition. Personal injury liability is a high-potential exposure. The agency must take great care to maintain confidentiality when releasing information regarding workers and employers.

Professional liability exposure is of high concern. The background, training, and licensing of the agency’s own employees requires review and evaluation. All procedures must be followed and licenses maintained. Employees must be matched with the needs of clients. Misrepresentation of either party may result in allegations of negligence.

Automobile liability exposure depends on whether or not any transport is involved, such as shuttle for temporary workers or transport to job interviews. The automobile exposure will increase significantly if any transport is offered or if employees use their own vehicles for agency business. Drivers must have appropriate licenses for the exposure. MVRs should be run on a regular basis. Vehicles must be maintained and records kept in a central location.

Workers compensation exposures can be limited to office-type hazards if no employees of the company are leased or rented out. Exposures can increase significantly when workers are leased or rented out as the company has little control over the client’s work premises or hazards. The employment contract should specify whether the company and the client provide workers compensation coverage.

Minimum recommended coverage:

Business Personal Property, Employee Dishonesty, Accounts Receivable, Computers, Valuable Papers, General Liability, Employee Benefits, Professional, Umbrella, Hired and Non-owned Auto, Workers Compensation

Other coverages to consider:

Forgery, Computer Fraud, Employment Related Practices, Business Automobile Liability and Physical Damage

Reprinted copyrighted material with permission by the Rough Notes Company, Inc.

Why Bankers Insurance?

Anyone can be an order-taker.  Bankers Insurance is different.

We don’t expect clients to be temporary staffing insurance experts. Take advantage of our experience. We can explain options and help you determine coverage that suits your needs.

As your insurance agent, we strive to know you. Only then can we suggest coverage that fits your specific business. We look for coverage gaps and offer protection. With us, you get the benefit of:

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