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Childcare & Daycare Insurance

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Kids aren’t the only thing growing. Experts project the daycare industry will enjoy continued expansion for several years, making this an exciting time to be in the business!

Our daycare insurance program protects you, the children in your charge, and your investment. We provide our clients the same diligent care you do yours. As an independent insurance agency, we are contracted with leading childcare insurance companies and know the strengths of each. Our program includes business tools and resources to reduce claims, grow your business, and help it run smoothly.

Childcare & Daycare Insurance Program

Key Features

How we are unique.

  • Personal Touch: Daycares aren’t the only businesses that invests in their clients. We assign an account manager to each client, then provide them an email and a phone number that rings right on their desk. Never wait in a call center for service.
  • Coverages specific to daycare insurance: corporal punishment liability, abuse and molestation, umbrella liability, crisis response, cyber security, employment practices liability, social services professional liability, and more!
  • Claims Advocacy: If the unfortunate should occur, a trained claim specialist is on your team, advocating for your business, ensuring your claim flows smoothly and is resolved fairly. These claims agents are staffed by Bankers Insurance so you enjoy independent representation.
  • Benchmarking: Suspect you are overpaying? We provide benchmark surveys to illustrate how your daycare insurance premiums stack up against your peers.
  • Safety Management: Know where your next claim will be and take action to prevent it. Bankers offers complete risk management surveys to identify claims before they happen, thereby reducing insurance expense and increasing profitability.
  • Workers Compensation Experience Modification Analysis: Many experience modifications contain calculation errors, resulting in incorrect premiums. We will analyze your experience modification and ensure all is calculated correctly, helping you avoid overpaying for childcare insurance.

Acceptable Business Operations

  • Private
  • Franchised
  • Corporate
  • Childcare
  • Adult daycare
  • Before and after school programs

Childcare Insurance Offerings

  • Liability: general, professional, umbrella, all others
  • Property: buildings, contents, business income
  • Business Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee Benefits: Group health, life, disability, vision, and dental
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Growing Pains

The children in your charge may be young, but they are no small task! Running a successful daycare requires recruiting and retaining empathetic employees, scheduling, training, marketing, and staying abreast of government regulations. A proper daycare insurance package supports your operations by protecting your business, employees, and clients. Our program includes all the critical childcare insurance coverages at affordable prices.

Testimonial / Case Study

How we helped our client, Tot Spot, fill several hidden coverage gaps.

Case study for a daycare insurance client, Tot Spot.Tot Spot
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Daycare Insurance Coverages

Daycare insurance, liability coverage, small girl playing on rope net on playground.

All of us occasionally got hurt when growing up. Children today are no different. But when injuries turn into claims, the right protection needs to be in place.

  • General liability: This coverage protects your business in the event it is found liable for injuring someone or damaging something. Courts expect childcare centers to provide a clean, safe environment. For daycares, common claims surround injury to children. Liability can also arise should a contagious illness or disease spread through the facility.
  • Abuse and Molestation: Protect your business and employees from the most egregious offenses, or allegations thereof. Defense costs for such claims can be extensive and financially crippling. Ensure your childcare insurance provides this essential coverage.
  • Professional liability: Not all injuries are physical. Mental and emotional abuse are common professional liability claims. This coverage also responds should the business be accused of failure to provide proper employee training or screening.
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability: Employee vehicles or other vehicles not directly owned by the business can still present a significant liability that is not covered under other policies. Common risks arise when children are transported in private vehicles for field trips, pick-up, or drop-off.
  • Umbrella liability: Daycare insurance claims can be particularly costly. Umbrella liability is placed over specified coverages to increase total liability limits.
Childcare insurance, property coverage, a neat, colorful daycare room with tiny orange tables, green carpets, and nap room in background.

Protection against risks such as fire, wind, lightning, and many others. Coverage can include:

  • Buildings, contents, and equipment.
  • Business Income: One of the greatest threats to a daycare business is the interruption of service. If your business is not able to operate for a period of time due to a claim, your clients will seek care from competitors and will be slow to return once operations are restored. Should your building be damaged such that operations are affected, business income insurance replaces lost net income. It also reimburses additional expenses such as rental of temporary space during reconstruction. Reference our business income calculator.
  • Flood and Earthquake. These risks are typically excluded from property policies. They can either be added to the property policy or (more commonly) covered by separate policies altogether.
Daycare insurance, business auto coverage

A must for any daycare that transports children in any capacity, whether pick-up, drop-off, field trip, or otherwise. Even if your business does not own vehicles, your business may have risk if employees use their vehicles for errands such as supply runs or picking up mail at the post office. Personal auto policies do not provide protection for business use and will not defend your company if sued for liability arising from business operations.

  • Liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Hired and non-owned liability
  • Hired auto physical damage
  • Drive Other Car
Childcare insurance workers compensation, a daycare worker reads a book to a group of young children.

Grow with us! Quality coverage, low rates, and personal service.

We are daycare workers compensation experts. We are contracted with many insurance companies that will compete for your business. Shop your coverage and know your options.

Workers compensation protects your employees in the event of a work-related injury. It provides unlimited healthcare expenses, plus disability to help defray the expense of lost income.

  • High experience modification experts
  • Workers Compensation Plans
    • Traditional, guaranteed cost
    • High deductible
    • Captives
    • Self-insured groups
    • Retrospective rating
  • Worksite safety programs
  • Modmaster ® experience modification reviews: Many overpay for workers compensation due to experience computation errors. We can ensure your experience modification is calculated accurately.

Further Resources

Daycare insurance for employee benefits, childcare workers playing with children in small colorful ball pool.

Taking care of your most valuable assets.

Our consultative approach to employee benefits is clear, empowering, and non-confrontational. Our employee benefits division navigates the changing landscape of group benefits. We listen to our clients, define a benefits strategy and budget, then offer solutions that suit.

  • Health
  • Life
  • Short-term and long-term disability
  • Dental
  • Vision

Other Daycare Insurance Coverages

Childcare insurance other coverages

Select from a variety of coverages to tailor your childcare insurance package to suit your needs.

  • Corporal punishment liability: Should an employee hit a child or be accused of administering corporal punishment.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): Wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, refusal to hire, etc.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Allied health care liability
  • Innocent employee, volunteer, and student in training
  • Key employee replacement expense
  • Employee theft
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Flood and Earthquake

Daycare Insurance Services

Provided as a part of our childcare insurance program, these services may vary by insurance carrier.

  • Contract risk review: We will review your corporate contracts and explain your risk exposures in plain terms. We will advise regarding industry standards, so you do not assume unnecessary risks.
  • Building valuation assistance
  • Business income valuation assistance
  • Access to employee background screening services
  • Access to motor vehicle record monitoring services
  • Crisis Response
  • Thermographic infrared testing of electrical systems
  • Accident analysis and loss data trending
  • Assistance in obtaining and maintaining
  • Automatic sprinkler system assessment
  • Fleet safety programs: driver training, defensive driving, vehicle safety, and SafetyFirst driver monitoring programs.
  • Implementation of OSHA-required safety programs
  • Accident review boards

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