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We know home insurance for the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  We won’t ask you to spell Chincoteague and we already know that Onley is spelled with an “e” in it. We won’t laugh when you say you live in Onancock, and Pungoteague rolls off our tongue.

Not enough? How about the fact that we will save you significantly on your homeowners insurance? Our insurance companies understand the Eastern Shore of Virginia and want to insure your home. We have insurance companies not available through any other local agency. We will quote your policy with our companies and present you with your options. We understand this area – we’re local, professional, and we’ve been serving here since 1947.

When it comes to home insurance for the Eastern Shore of Virginia, here are a few things to consider:


Your home insurance will most likely have two deductibles, one that applies to wind damage and a second deductible that applies to all other perils (AOP).

A typical AOP deductible is $1,000. However, you can save more if you choose a higher deductible. For high value homes, a $5,000 or $10,000 deductible is not uncommon. The AOP deductible applies in the case of fire, lighting, etc.

A typical wind deductible for homeowners insurance for the Eastern Shore of Virginia is 2%. However, there can be a lot of variance. Some companies offer only a 5% deductible. Be careful in this situation because that means a $200,000 home will have a $10,000 (5%) wind deductible. There are some insurance companies that allow you to buy down your wind deductible, all the way down to your AOP deductible.

Also, the wind deductibles applied to home insurance for the Eastern Shore of Virginia are not all the same. A 2% wind deductible for one company may be wind-only, whereas a different company may have a 2% wind/hail deductible. In that case, the pure 2% wind deductible is better since it doesn’t apply to hail. One other twist is that some companies have a named-storm deductible. That means their wind deductible only applies if the storm is a named hurricane or tropical storm. Thus, if a bad north-easter comes up and blows shingles from your roof, your lower AOP deductible would apply. In short, named storm deductibles are nice. The lesson here is simple: Ask your insurance agent what kind of wind deductible they quoted you.


There are many older homes on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. To insure them properly, please review these pointers.

Know when your electrical system was last updated. If you have fuse boxes, replace them. Not only do they make the homes expensive to insure, but they’re old and just plain dangerous this far along. If you have a circuit breaker box, look inside it to see if there is a dated inspection sticker. This will help establish when the electric was last updated. If you have ANY knob and tube wire still in your home, replace it. It is almost impossible to insure a home with even a single knob and tube circuit. On older homes, we are going to ask when the electric system was last updated.

Roof:  The age of your roof affects your home insurance premiums. Know when your roof was last replaced. Roofs are like tires on your car. They are meant to wear out. Homeowners insurance isn’t meant to be a maintenance policy. You are expected to replace your roof when it wears out. Home insurance pays for roofs that are damaged due to other causes, not wear and tear.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC): Know when your heat system was last updated. On the Eastern Shore of Virginia, many older homes are still heated by heating oil. That’s not a problem, but be sure to have your furnace serviced once a year. Your heating system must be operational if you want coverage for frozen pipes.

Plumbing: Eastern Shore homes are an eclectic mix. What kind of plumbing do you have? Iron? Copper? PVC? CPVC? It is important for you to know when your plumbing was last updated since it affects your insurance premiums. Older pipes are more likely to leak and therefore cause a claim

Flood Insurance

Flood is not covered under your standard homeowners insurance policy. There are some rare exceptions, but we emphasize rare and they are primarily with high value home policies.

Flood damage on the Eastern Shore of Virginia can come from storm surge or too much rain. Storm surge, similar to what happened with hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, can mean your home is damaged by flood, even though it isn’t damaged by wind. Even strong north-easters on the right tidal swing can cause flood. In other words, if a storm surge comes into your home, and no other damage is caused by wind or other covered perils, your standard home insurance policy will not provide you with coverage. You would need flood insurance.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia has some areas that are not well drained. Heavy rains, particularly once the soil is saturated, can mean flood exposure. Be sure to know how your land drains. Ask your realtor if flood insurance will be required in addition to homeowners insurance before you purchase the home.

Flood insurance varies significantly depending upon how your home is built – how high it is above the flood plain. An important document we will need to quote your flood insurance is an elevation certificate. That is obtained from the prior owner (hopefully) or from a surveyor ($).  Private Market Flood Insurance is available in many cases, saving money, providing the same levels of coverage as the NFIP, without an elevation certificate.  Contact Us for details.

Asbestos siding

Just the mention of the word “asbestos” conjures bad images. However, there are a lot of homes on the Eastern Shore of Virginia that have asbestos siding back from when it was so popular from the 1920s all the way through the 1970s. Truth be told, it is highly durable. If you have concerns whether your asbestos shingles are dangerous (friable) or not, take a sample and send it off to have it tested. Some insurance companies will not insure a house with asbestos siding. Others have no problem doing it. It is something for you to be aware of, but really it is up to us to quote you with an insurance company that is OK with asbestos siding.

We have lots more good information about home insurance in general on our main Homeowners Insurance Page. Be sure to check it out.

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