Changing the image of the insurance industry.

Agents, we do important work.

The insurance industry provides tremendous value to our society. When a claim arises, it steps into the most difficult scenes imaginable and attempts to make people whole. It protects us from many of life’s errors and their worry, allowing us to live free of their fear. It allows homeowners to dream and build, entrepreneurs to strive and take risk, and businesses to leverage and expand. Buildings go up, automobiles are assembled, and homes are filled…because they can be insured. It is a growth multiplier, a foundation block of our economy.

Yet, our industry suffers from a poor image in the public eye. Insurance is generally viewed as a necessary evil rather than a means to offer financial stability. A headache and hassle rather than a promise to pay.

One agency cannot re-brand the industry, but together we can.”

#insurancepays is an effort to share positive insurance stories and retake our brand. Though initiated by Bankers Insurance, our hope is that it will spread to other agencies, insurance companies, and professional organizations throughout the entire industry. If everyone swept their own porch, the whole world would be a cleaner place. One agency cannot re-brand the industry, but together we can.

So join us in telling positive stories of how insurance pays. How it made a difference in the lives and businesses of your clients. Post your positive stories on your blog. Share them on social media. Include them in your drip marketing. And with each one, add the hashtag #insurancepays.

Together, we can change the image of the insurance industry.

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